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Selected vector works done for a variety of projects

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Time-out Tel-Aviv – Sex-bots
Forest legends for Hanukkah – Illustrated booklet by KKL and Feelternet

Achbar Ha’Ir weekly guide cover – Cannabis day
Musical family – an illustration for the Israeli philharmonic orchestra family program
Tav Ha’Arnav (The bunny vouchers) – Self promotion giveaway holiday gift vouchers
The little charmer – Girgurim cat shelter charity illustration

Achbar Ha’Ir weekly guide cover – Valentines day

At women magazine – Editorial for an article about plastic surgery
Soombots – character illustrations for Soomla
Gods of convenience – From the group exhibition Sorry for the inconvenience
Character design for DigitasLBi
Illustrations for Shilav group
Achbar Ha’Ir weekly guide cover – Haifa children theater festival
Achbar Ha’ir weekly guide cover – Microsoft special
Illustration for Hatayas celebrating his new font Raanan
Celebrity poker – editorial
Time-out Tel-Aviv editorial – Creative class life in Tel-Aviv
The Marker newspaper editorial – Fat cat
Powers and super-powers – character design for an exhibition at the Jerusalem science museum
Ben and the funtivity playhouse – Book illustration for Keter plastic group
Zlango – pre-Emoji icon language design
Forno magazine – Masturbation issue
At women magazine – Editorial for an article about hair color
A selection of published works

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