Selected drawing for a variety of projects

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The owl rally – a homage to Dudu Geva for “Still optimistic” group show – Holon Institute

The Rabtus exchange program show – collaboration with illustrator Miki Mottes
Illustration for Tomodachi Calling project – raising funds for the Tsunami victims in Japan
Marker pen fun

The Tuschim group – Frog attack! The 10 plagues for passover
Pros and cons – pens and markers
Holidays greetings – watercolors and pen
The lovers quarrel – marker pens
Israeli football team for the book Football Heroes See Red – Herzglut Verlag
A baldly go – Diptych for the group show Donuts Party in Rennes, France
May contain nuts – Music blog header
Untitled – pen on paper

Oui oui c’est moi – markers on paper
Alpha male – for A5 magazine – sex issue

Untitled – pen on paper
Tuschim group – Calendar illustration – pen markers
Up the tree – marker pen + digital

Ortal Ben Dayan for Time Out Tel-Aviv editor’s word

Zombie city – marker pens
Tuschim group – typography collaboration with Alef Alef Alef – pen markers
Untitled – Caligraphy pen + digital

Angry beet – pen + digital for the solo exhibition Mifgashim Bareshet #2 at Baalei Hamelacha workshop and gallery
“Grandma! My battery is dying and I’ve been looking for your granddad’s grave for hours! Can you describe me really quickly how it looks like?”
The Tuschim gang – Russia – for the country calendar

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