Selected prints made with various technics

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Cat party
Cat party pin badge

Da Love Duck – Riso print
Cats – Silk screen print
Cats – Silk screen print on tote bag
Song of the siren

2 color stamp print and T-shirts
Pony katan – invitation for Mifgashim Bareshet #2 solo show
Pony katan – 2 color silk screen print
Cat threesome – 2 color silk screen

Cat threesome – 2 color silk screen
2 colors silk screen prints on flannel shirts
Worm party – 3 colors silk screen printed at Baalei Hamelacha workshop

The owl rally – a homage to Dudu Geva for “Still optimistic” group exhibition – Holon 2015
2 colors Lino-cut print

3 colors Lino-cut print
Elephant 2 colors silk screen print

Elephant stamp

Elephant stamp in action
Toffeecola 3 color Riso print
Me as a white flying rock – Copper etching

Me as a big floating veiny cat – Copper etching
Untitled – Copper etching

Uncalled – Copper etching

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