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So many new stuff at the shop!

Finally found the time to tidy up my little shop and add many new exciting products!
Jelly cats had their debut at the Shishi Fanzin – Friday Zinfest in Tel-Aviv last month and were practically sold out!
Now you can get at the shop the Jelly cats mini prints, postcards and also brand new Tees and tote-bags.
Also available – Sublet with Patz – my new collaboration zine with photographer and world explorer Permanent Vacation.
Pretty photos and tender words contributed by people who went through the warm and fuzzy experience of subletting a flat with Patz the wonder cat.
Happy shopping! 🙂


Colors of the rainbow – Elifelet coloring book

Colors of the rainbow coloring book is a wonderful project produced by Elifelet association to help refugee kids in Tel-Aviv. It contains lovely illustrations for 2 famous children’s song created by 39 Israeli illustrators and I had the honor to be a part of this great team!
You can get the book at the Headstart page.
And also there is a lovely sale event on next Saturday 04.06 in Romano building in Tel Aviv.
Here’s the Facebook event.
Buy the book and have fun helping out!



Patriotism in art – The new and the bad – Maayan magazine

Children war drawing competition -

Maayan – The wonderful independent poetry and art magazine just published issue no. 12 including “The new and the bad – Patriotism in art” special magazine. My work is included among many wonderful artists dealing with the term Patriotism in art. Available is selected book stores and kiosks in Tel-Aviv.

Translation of the text: Children war drawing competition – 3rd price (Massada by Prof. Ygal Yadin) “Among the many drawings which had dealt with the same subject, this drawing excelled with an unusual power – the flames burn the paper. The way the drawing is divided gives it a balance of restlessness of an unaware artist”