About Tamar

Tamar Moshkovitz AKA GO-TAM is a Berlin based freelance illustrator, graphic designer and tutor since graduating visual communication studies at Wizo Haifa school of design in 2003.
Born in Haifa Israel and has been drawing and sketching ever since she could hold a pencil.
Tamar loves printmaking, creating toys, crafting objects and drawing comics in versitile styles and techniques.
Tamar works were presented in galleries, books and festivals around the world.
She’s currently writing and illustrating the cooking column of Adam Tsair magazine.
In addition she’s a tutor at Catalyst film school in Berlin.

Work experience:

Editorial illustration.
Character design for digital services, branding and animation. 

Graphic design for post-production and broadcast services. 

Academic tutor -  teaching illustration and design.

Creative workshops.

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